We have various committees that help run and develop the Chamber. They are managed by a board member. However non board members are able to join some of the Committees if they are a member of the Chamber. We are always welcoming new members who wish to volunteer their time and skills.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute. Either contact the committee manager directly or contact the Secretariat (secretariat [at]

    Marcoms Committee

    *Board Member Only

    • Manager: Eamonn Murphy (eamonn.murphy [at]
    • Purpose: To develop and operate the IJCC's marketing and communication efforts. Including the website and the social media sites (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

    Events Committee

    *Board Member Only

    • Manager: Eamonn Murphy (eamonn.murphy [at]
    • Purpose: To develop the IJCC's schedule of events to ensure high quality, interesting and valued events are available to our members.

    Membership Committee 

    *Board Member Only

    • Manager: Pat Ryan (pat.ryan [at]
    • Purpose: To ensure the needs of our existing members are being met and to develop new members and sponsors for the Chamber

    Regional Sub-Committee

    • Manager: Pat Ryan (pat.ryan [at]
    • Purpose: To create bilateral awareness between the IJCC and businesses in regional areas in Japan. 

    Market Entry Committee

    • Manager: Pat Ryan (pat.ryan [at]
    • Purpose: To support companies and founders/professionals with a connection to Ireland, to grow their businesses in the Japanese market. To proactively highlight the opportunities that the Japanese market presents, and build greater awareness of the Japanese market. 

    Sports Sub-Committee

    • Manager: David Morris (david.morris [at]
    • Purpose: To assist in activating Irish community in Japan through sports events such as Rugby matches, Olympics & Paralympics, Gaelic Football matches, Golf competition etc., as well as in fostering the opportunities for IJCC members and partners to seek business chances in those activities.