Member Focus - Seiji Kasama

From the interview to Seiji Kasama, CEO of Bergman Limited.

13F Mita Kokusai Bldg, 4-28 1-Chome Mita Minato-ku 108-0073 Japan
Fax: +81-(0)3-5427-2330
E-mail:s.kasama [at]


1. Could you give us an overview of your company?

Bergman Limited was established in June,2020 as trading company to promote Irish products here in Japan.  Our current product ranges are starting from electric heating, Fire, Air Purifier, Sauna to Irish Meat. We always try to enlarge the product lines from Ireland. Our operation was originally established as Globally Inc. in 1997 and reorganized as Dimplex Japan Limited in 2007.


2. What is your connection to Ireland?

When I started my business as Globally Inc in 1997, I could find one factory I Ireland by the introduction of JETRO.  It was Glen Dimplex Group in Ireland, so the relationship with Ireland was started then. The relationship with Ireland has been for almost 25 years. Then I have been appointed as Honorary Consul of Ireland in Sapporo since 2012 and work closely with the Embassy to promote Ireland in Hokkaido.


3. How did you / your company first become involved in the IJCC?

I joined in Ireland Japan Business Association in 2007 and contributed as president of IJCC in 2009 to 2011.


4. What changes have you noticed in Ireland Japan relations over recent times?

The awareness of Ireland in Japan has been gradually increased day by day, especially after RWC2019.  I count it would be great opportunity to lift us the stage higher through the event of New Ireland House scheduled in 2024.  


5. What areas of growth do you see for your company (or sector) in the next 12 to 24 months?

Medical and Food after COVID-19.


6. Your company recently announced that you succeeded to add Irish meat to the gift list of Furusato Nozei for Engaru City, Hokkaido. Can you tell us more about this? And what do you expect from this achievement?

Furusato Nozei program is one of closest gateway for consumers to reach the highest quality of Premium Irish Meat in Japan.  I believe Japanese consumers could enjoy them and hope to take those meat in daily life. 


7. You won Company of the Year Award of Ireland Japan Business Awards 2021. Could you give us your comment about it?

It is my honor to receive this wonderful award from IJCC and hope to contribute more for two countries business trade in the future.