Fukuroi City Visit - Report

On Wednesday 14th July, IJCC President Yoshihiro Tsuchiya and Operations Manager Emiko Myler visited Fukuroi City, the location for Ireland’s base camp for the TOKYO 2020 Olympics.

Mr. Shigeru Tominaga from Fukuroi Chamber of Commerce (FCC) introduced us to Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa - where the Irish athletes are training, Kitanomaru Hotel  - athletes’ accommodation and Kasui-sai, one of the most historical sightseeing places in Fukuroi.

Later in the day, Tsuchiya and Myler participated in Fukuroi Chamber of Commerce’s board meeting. Tsuchiya introduced the IJCC and emphasized our positive motivation for further collaborations between IJCC and FCC.

After the meeting with the FCC, Tsuchiya and Myler visited Fukuroi City Office, and met the new mayor Mr. Noriyuki Oba. Mr. Oba gave us a positive message about tightening the bonds between Ireland & Fukuroi and we committed to supporting each other, not only during the Olympic season, but in the coming years.

The IJCC sincerely appreciate the FCC and Fukuroi City for giving us this opportunity. We will keep working to develop our friendship with FCC and Fukuroi City.

Check more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWhiQFk