Event Report: IJCC Shinnenkai

On the 18th of January, the IJCC held a Shinnenkai event at Sláinte in Ebisu.

We were very delighted to have our first event of the year celebrating with our members and friends.

Once our guests all gathered, IJCC President Yoshihiro Tsuchiya shared updates on upcoming events in the Chamber, as well as plans that are underway for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Soon after, we introduced Claddagh Choral, an Irish choral group based in Galway. Thank you again to Stephen, Ellie, Kate and Micheál for your moving live performance. We then followed with a New Year's kanpai with everyone, sharing chats and pints with friends new and old.

Thank you to all our Directors, members and friends of the IJCC for making the evening special. And a special acknowledgement to our Platinum Sponsor Toyoko Inn for allowing us to use your wonderful venue.

Wishing everyone a lovely 2023 ahead!


If you would like to be more involved with the IJCC, please get in touch at secretariat [at] ijcc.jp.