Frequently Asked Questions About IJCC Membership



What kind of organization is the IJCC and what are its objectives?

The Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization.  Established in 1973, we aim to promote the development of trade and commerce between Ireland and Japan and to encourage bilateral economic relations. The Chamber is run by its members and is a not-for-profit organisation.




Do I have to be Irish or work for an Irish company to be a member?

No. Membership of the Chamber is open to anyone with an interest in Irish and Japanese business. In addition to Japanese and Irish people, we have people of many other nationalities as members. This open policy also applies to companies as well as many of our members are multinationals. We also have many members both Irish and Japanese - who are working for foreign banks, financial institutions and multinationals who have an interest in business links between Ireland and Japan.




What are the merits of being a member?

Being a member of the Chamber offers many benefits depending on membership category. Please see the membership page here.




How do I become a member?

Either submit an application online or call our office and we'd be happy to speak to you. All membership requests go to the board for approval.




What is the difference between categories?

The different categories of membership and the benefits that apply to each are set out on our Membership page. Categories are designed to enable all Members to participate in a range of activities and events and to play a role in the work of the Chamber. The Corporate and Professional categories are voting-members where-as the Associate / International, Student and Honorary categories are non-voting members. Your listing in our membership directory is also different. Corporate members are listed under their organization name, along with corporate contact information, a link to their company website and a corporate logo. Corporate members may also register an additional employee as a member and receive a link on our website. For Professional members, listing information is more limited (mainly personal contact information).




What kind of events do you hold?

Most of our events are business-related, ranging from small-scale seminars to large-scale guest speaker lunches. We also hold business networking events of various sizes. A number of social events are also organised throughout the year as well as an annual golf tournament to provide networking opportunities in a relaxed and sociable environment.