Tales from the Regions - Matsue

Dear IJCC Members and Friends,

We are delighted to announce that the IJCC will host "Tales from the Regions - Matsue" on Thursday 8th, April 2021 from 19:00.

This is a series of reports from around Japan. Our hope is to bring you closer to the areas outside of Tokyo by sharing updates on Irish businesses, Japanese businesses connected to Ireland, and Irish people working in the regions.

This time, we welcome Mr. Anthony Kelly, a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) at Matsue City. He will give us an informative talk about business, industries, and Irish connections in the region. We will also have remarks from Ms. Satomi Miyazako, Director of the International Tourism Division of Matsue City, and a message from Mr. Masataka Matsuura, the mayor of Matsue City.

We will also have Mr. David Murphy, the First Secretary, Economic and Trade Affairs at The Embassy of Ireland, Tokyo, who will give us an update about the current relations between Ireland and Matsue.

We also welcome IJCC member Mr. Alan Fisher who recently opened Kyojin Stew House Matsue. He will give us an introduction of his new branch.

And for those of you who wish to chat with the speakers and other participants, this time a ni-jikai (afterparty) will be held by using break-out rooms after the main session.

This event is free of charge and is open to all members and friends of the IJCC.

Registration is required. Please register below.


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We are looking forward to seeing you!

Event Details

  • Apr 8th 2021
  • 19:00 ~ 20:30
  • Online (Zoom)
  • Free