Explore, Dream, and Discover Together - Ireland and Japan

The IJCC is delighted to support a unique online event "Explore, Dream, and Discover Together — Ireland and Japan"

Friends and members of the IJCC can purchase special tickets that support the charity Support Our Kids.

Watch video artist Akira Miyanaga expand your horizon in an at-home journey to Ireland.

The first viewing of "Run", by Akira Miyanaga.

An audio-visual abstraction of Ireland's natural landscapes and profound culture.

Join other international travellers, artists, and Ireland enthusiasts live, June 29th from 8 to 9pm JST.

Coming out of lockdown many of us can’t help but see the world from a single perspective.

Step out of your comfort zone with video artist Akira Miyanaga, as he experiences one of the oldest cultures in Europe, Ireland.

For special discounted tickets please go here https://cwwtravel.zaiko.io/_buy/1n5a:6yB:7c1e0:iccjticket

For more information about Support Our Kids - Website

Featuring guest contributions from:
+ Yoko Watanabe—Writer, folklorist and traditional literature expert.
+ Dr. Brian Lacey—Irish historian, archaeologist, and writer.
+ Burgeoning contemporary Irish musicians  

Event Details

  • Jun 29th 2020
    Register by Jun 29th 2020
  • 19:00
  • Online
  • 1000 yen