Welcome to our newest Corporate Member - Ito En

The Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce welcome ITO EN, LTD. to the Chamber as a Corporate member.

The President of the IJCC Eamonn Murphy commented, "I'm delighted that ITO EN, LTD. have joined the Chamber. We’ve been working with them on the I Love Ireland Festival for several years and I thank them for their support of the festival and the Chamber. We're looking forward to working with, and supporting them, over the coming years."
ITO EN, LTD. is a Japanese comprehensive beverage company, and it is the largest green tea company in Japan.
Staff of T2020 Promotion Department said, “We feel a closeness to Ireland from its symbolic colour ‘Green’ and Ireland's tea-drinking culture. We have been attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the I Love Ireland Festival since 2016, which has helped us build up a good relationship with the IJCC. It's our pleasure to be able to convey the enjoyment of Japanese tea to Irish people by the collaboration of ITO EN, LTD. and the IJCC.”