Welcome to our new Project Intern, Ronan Takizawa

Dia duit! 

My name is Ronan Takizawa, and I have joined the IJCC team as a project intern for 2023. 

I am a first-year student currently studying computer science and business at Colorado College. As a student who is passionate about integrating technology to improve business, I hope to utilise my skills in this area on several projects to help the IJCC pursue its mission more efficiently. 

My connection to both Ireland and Japan comes from my identity. My mother is from County Mayo, and my father is from Niigata Prefecture. I've spent most of my life in Tokyo while visiting Ireland every summer to see my Irish family. Through this Irish-Japanese connection, working for the IJCC brings me great purpose as it allows me to keep in touch with both of my cultural heritages. 

I am looking forward to supporting the IJCC during my internship and becoming more involved with the Ireland-Japan community.

Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn here.


ジア グウィッチ!(アイルランド語で、こんにちは!)