Member Focus - Jeremy Laughlin

1. Could you give us an overview of your company?

Santa Fe Relocation is a global mobility company specializing in managing and delivering high-quality relocation services worldwide. Our core competence is providing services that help corporations and their employees as well as individuals and their families to relocate and settle in new places. These services are delivered to a consistently high standard, locally and globally, and managed through our own operations around the world.  The company has been active in Japan since 1982 and we also have an office in Dublin.


2. What is your connection to Ireland?

I was born & raised in Pittsburgh USA but my father’s side is of 100% Irish descent and he is very proud of his heritage.  Also, during my 13 years in Japan I have been able to build strong relationships and create fond memories with members of Japan’s Irish community. Also, I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland for the new year holidays (2013~2014).



3. How did your company first become involved in the IJCC?

I wanted to focus on engaging with business communities where I already have strong relationships so I sought approval from my company to back my professional membership and this has been achieved for the 3rd consecutive year.


4. What changes have you noticed in Ireland Japan relations over recent times?

I am not an expert on Irish-Japan relations, but I have noticed mainly from my association with the Irish Chamber, an increased interest from both Japanese and Irish companies in cross-border business opportunities, especially in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors. Our company has benefited from some of the business travel requirements between Japan and Ireland revolving around these industries.


 5. What areas of growth do you see for your company (or sector) in the next 12 to 24 months?

Although compared to the period between the Japan “Bubble” and the Lehman shock, the number and size of expatriate moves has decreased significantly, with the advent of COVID 19 and ongoing political uncertainties, now more than ever organizations will need the advice of any experienced mobility company to support them with navigating the new global landscape. Therefore, we see more potential for top-down and contractual engagement rather than just transactional.