Kyojin Stew House - New Offer

IJCC Regional Professional member Mr. Alan Fisher's restaurant Kyojin Stew House, which serves traditional Irish cuisine from their Togoshi Ginza Shotengai Branch, Matsue Branch and online store "Kyojin Store", has started to sell an "Irish Online Event Set" on their Kyojin Store.  

The set contains: 1 x Sausage Variety Pack, 5 x Potato Breads, 1 x Maggies Leap IPA(Can), 1 x Hallion Red can and a Bailey's Cheesecake (1piece).  
They also offer you a 1,500 JPY discount when you purchase more than 10,000 JPY. Please apply coupon code: IJCCStorePromo 

Hope you enjoy this taste of Ireland. 

Thank you very much Alan and Kyojin Stew House for the offer!