Ireland Japan Business Awards 2021 – Event Report

On November 19th, the Ireland Japan Business Awards 2021 was held in Tokyo.

The ceremony took place at the Irish Ambassador’s Residence and was broadcasted live on Zoom and Facebook Live. MC’ed by director Sarah Hickey and vice president Eamonn Murphy.

This year, we had 4 award winners: Company of the Year Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, EI Exporter of the Year Award, and a Special Recognition Award.

Even though we had limited numbers due to safety protocols, it was wonderful to have an opportunity to come together to celebrate success in the Ireland Japan business community.

Company of the Year Award:


Novaerus (Ireland) Ltd. (

Mr. Kieron McBrien, Senior Vice-President of International Business Development, gave the winner’s speech from Ireland.

Hidemi Inagaki, Business Development Manager for Japan and Korea, received the award certificate at the ceremony.

Comment by Novaerus:

“It is an honour to be recognized and singled out by the chamber. Every company in the IJCC has worked hard (and continues to work hard) to add value to its clients given the challenges in the last 24 months. To be chosen in this field of very good companies is a great achievement for us.”


Entrepreneur of the Year Award:


Mr. Seiji Kasama, Bergman Limited. (

Comment by Mr. Seiji Kasama

“It is so honored to receive the award from IJCC. Our challenge is to promote "Superior products "from Ireland to Japan, which would satisfy Japanese consumers as the part of TEAM IRELAND.”


EI Exporter of the Year Award:


Fenergo (

Mr. Masana Seki, Sales Director of Fenergo Japan, received the award certificate at the ceremony.

Comment by Mr. Masana Seki:

“Every country has every business protocol, but I always feel Ireland and Japan have a lot of similarity. We sincerely appreciate Enterprise Ireland and Ms. Reiko Hiruma, who supported Fenergo for growing market in Japan from the early stage. Also thank you very much for your support, and let’s work together to grow business.”


Special Recognition Award:


Mr. Michihiro Yakushi, Ireland House Hero (

Comment from Mr. Michihiro Yakushi

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this honorable award. It is truly a bolt from the blue, which is the first experience for me, and I am very touched. I learned many things through business, and Ireland is an interesting and wonderful country with many similarities to Japan in terms of history, culture, economy, and so on. I am over 80 years old, and I am not getting any younger. I don't know if I will be able to resume my business, but I hope to stay involved with Ireland in some way for many years to come.”

After the ceremony, Team Ireland and IJCC directors enjoyed a celebratory dinner with the award winners.

One of the IJCC’s Corporate Members, Whisk-e Limited, sponsored the IJBA and provided us with a pop-up bar of BUSKER Irish Whiskey.


The IJCC would like to give sincere appreciation to our patron, Ambassador Paul Kavanagh, and our sponsor Toyoko Inn for all their support to hold this event.

Congratulations also to all the winners! Novaerus, Mr. Seiji Kasama, Fenergo, and Mr. Michihiro Yakushi.