Event Report - Ireland & Sustainability - A conversation with Ireland’s Climate Envoy, Sinead Walsh

On August 31st, the IJCC in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland to Japan, held an event titled “Ireland & Sustainability - A conversation with Ireland’s Climate Envoy, Sinead Walsh.

Opening the event, the Ambassador of Ireland to Japan Mr. Paul Kavanagh welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance the Irish Government places on dealing with climate change in her engagement with other countries.

The event’s keynote speaker Dr. Sinead Walsh then gave us an insight into progress being made on climate change by governments and institutions. And Sinead highlighted some key policy initiatives of the Irish Government. She gave us her thoughts on the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, UK.

 IJCC director, and founder of imageMILL, Rick Grehan opened the panel discussion. Sinead was joined by the co-founder & managing director of Earth Company, Tomo Hamakawa, and co-founder of mymizu, Mariko McTier. The four experts discussed climate change and sustainability from the perspective of companies and business. And offered their thoughts on how businesses can meet the challenges society faces.

We welcomed many new faces from various countries, organizations and industries. We sincerely thank Sinead, Rick, Tomo, Mariko and all the participants.

If you would like to contact the IJCC about sustainability please contact Rick Grehan. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickgrehan/