Event Report – Tales from the Regions Matsue

On Thursday 8th April, the IJCC held an online event titled "Tales from the Regions - Matsue". 

Moderated by Ciaran Lawler, we had remarks from Ms. Satomi Miyazako, Director of the International Tourism Division of Matsue City, and a message from Mr. Masataka Matsuura, the Mayor of Fukuroi city. Followed by the First Secretary, Economic and Trade Affairs at The Embassy of Ireland, Tokyo Mr. David Murphy’s updates about the relations between Ireland & Matsue.  

Mr. Anthony Kelly, a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) at Matsue city gave us an informative presentation about Matsue city’s industries and the region's Irish connections. IJCC Member Alan Fisher also gave us an introduction to the new branch of his restaurant Kyojin Stewhouse that opened recently in Matsue. 

It was a great pleasure to welcome the many members and friends who joined. Thank you very much for your participation and we look welcoming you all at our next event! 


The record of the event is available HERE

Anthony's presentation material is available HERE

The video of Matsue city’s St. Patrick’s Day is available HERE