Offer to the IJCC Members




  • Mentorship Program

This Mentor Programme facilitates any IJCC member becoming  a Mentor or Mentee. This programme is free to members and is an ideal way to easily access business and career advice  from fellow IJCC members with diverse experience in Ireland Japan business activities. We are using a private Facebook group with Mentorship functionality to facilitate this. Please sign up here. You will need the facebook mobile app with messenger to use the Mentorship functionality effectively.


  • LinkedIn Private Group

The IJCC private LinkedIn group is intended for use by IJCC members, alumni and non-members as a discussion group on Ireland Japan business and for sharing relevant information and updates. 



Special Offer by Members


  • Conrad Tokyo - NEW!

Conrad Tokyo offer IJCC members a special monitor plan from January 17th to June 30th,2022.

Details are available HERE.


  • Kyojin Store Discount

Kyojin Store House offers a member discount for home delivery of any Irish items such as Imported Beers, Stews, Hand Crafted Sausages, Bacon, Stews, Breads, Desserts etc. 

Discount Code:  IJCCStorePromo

*This discount can be applied to purchase of more than 10,000 JPY.

Kyojin Store:


  • Rathbornes 1488

We are offering a 10% off discount on candles by Rathbornes 1488, the traditional candle factory in Ireland. Please send an email to secretariat [at]