JET Welcome Party

With a 30-year history and current participant numbers of over 5000 (including 114 from Ireland), the JET Programme has long been an important tool in connecting Japan to the wider world. Many former participants maintain strong ties with Japan throughout their careers or indeed make their careers in Japan.

The rapid rise of online networking with peoples' movement restricted due to the COVID pandemic is a great leveller and, in this context, the IJCC has been making efforts to develop an active regional membership including JET participants. 

After a long delay due to COVID-19, new JET participants arrived in Japan from last September. IJCC is now delighted to hold a “Welcome JET” event on Thursday 14th April from 19:30, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland in Japan.

During the event, we will welcome the following Irish organisations in Japan and hear an introduction of each organisation's activity.

  • Embassy of Ireland in Japan
  • Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce
  • CCE Japan
  • Japan GAA
  • Irish Network in Japan (TBC)

We also have quiz session after the introductions, and the winners will win special prizes!

Please save the date and join. Any JET participants, IJCC’s members and friends are welcome.

To join, please register HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Event Details

  • Apr 14th 2022
  • 19:30 ~ 21:00
  • Online
  • Free