COVID-19 3rd Vaccination Project

We are happy to inform you that we are now aiming to hold a vaccination project on the dates below.

  • Date: March 21st (Mon) 13:0014:00 am
  • Venue: TKP Garden City Shibuya - Hall 4C (Click HERE  to check the location)
  • Fee: 2,500 JPY / Person (incl. Tax)

To join the event, please register HERE after readgin the note below carefully.

The registration is a first-come first-served basis.


  • This project is limited to current residents. *Those who can provide certification of residency in Japan  (住民票) if required 
  • All people to be vaccinated through this project are expected to cover the cost (2,500 JPY pp), and pay the fee within 3 days after the original registration. *In case the payment is not done within 3 days, your registration will be automatically removed.
  • Fee is not refundable after the payment. Cancellations are not allowed but changing the names is allowed.
  • All people to be vaccinated through this project are required to submit a vaccine ticket (ワクチン接種券) provided by local government to the IJCC. (ideally on the date, but if the vaccine ticket does not arrive until the vaccination date you are expected to send IJCC the Vaccination Ticket by post immediately after the ticket arrives.)
  • Only those who received their second vaccine dose at least 6 months prior (those who received the second vaccine does before Sep 21st) will be eligible for this program. (Currently, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has a rule that the vaccination must be administered after 6 months.)
  • The type of vaccine will be Moderna. Learn more about Moderna Vaccine HERE
  • People under18-years of age will not be able to take the vaccine through this project.
  • Pregnant women/women likely to have become pregnant within the past 6 months will not be able to take the vaccine through this programme.
  • If your company is interested in organising a vaccination campaign for employees, please contact TKP 職域ワクチンセンター with any inquiries and register for the service directly.

Event Details

  • Mar 21st 2022
    Register by Mar 18th 2022
  • 13:00 ~ 14:00
  • TKP Garden City Shibuya - Hall 4C
  • 2,500 JPY